A French Brand conceived in 2006, Batucada designs and produces jewellery from a proprietary blend of materials synthesized to create the feel of a soft & silky natural “gum.” Sold on over five continents around the world, Batucada is available in sophisticated designer & concept stores, department stores and some of the most well-known Museum retail shops.

Respect for the environment is a priority for Batucada. All of our products are composed of 100% recyclable materials that are free of lead, oil, phthalates and other common pollutants. Batucada products are all handcrafted and our packaging is also made from 100% recycled paper. Perpetually in pursuit of the most unique designs, Batucada draws inspiration from a global community of talented artists including Otalia Noel, Tanaka You, Gerard Di-Maccio and collaborative designers like Carmen & Alan , Elise & Mai …

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