'Latin passion for Fashion'

Proudly Handcrafted in Mar del Plata - Argentina.

 Cristalida comes to life in the studios of renowned Argentine designer Silvina Esposito.

Since 2003 a small team of talented artisans have handcrafted the bold, vibrant and colourful collections that have made Cristalida the unique brand that it is today.

Small sheets of glass are cut to precision, handpainted and layered together before fusion in the kiln overnight. 

Quality leather is carefully selected for its colour and texture, to be cut sewn, sewn and combined with fused glass and cast bronze.

Each piece is carefully finished with the pride and attention to detail that is the signature of the true artisan.

Products are sold in Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Spain, France, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Italy, Poland, Germany, Australia, Colombia, Guatemala, Israel USA, Ecuador and Aruba.


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19 results

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