Kheops Earrings

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Earrings that look Like a tattoo on your skin, you forget it's there, but it's now part of you... Totally irresistible. Like rubber, but it's not.

All Batucada jewellery is produced from a proprietary blend of materials synthesized to create the feel of a soft & silky natural "gum".

Handcrafted pieces composed of 100% recyclable materials that are free of lead, oil, phthalates and other common pollutants. They even come in a signature package that is also made from 100% recycled paper!

Batucada radiates love for Brazil, land of the sublime where the worship of all things beautiful is submerged in sensuality. A lightness of breath sparks the urge to move, to dance, to live freely whilst celebrating respect for the environment.

A harmony between Brazilian seduction and the elegance of French Design.
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