Safe Travels Protection Bracelet Lapis Lazuli

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Our Safe Travels Protection Charm bracelet has the symbol of the eye, this has been used throughout time in many cultures as a travelling talisman to protect the wearer on their journeys. The eye is also known to protect the wearer from negativity and harm coming their way. An Ideal gift foe anyone on their travels or for your daily travels eg driving, walking

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful protection stone, is said to guard the wear against negativity and psychic interferences. Also the colour of confidence and empowerment .

Stone : Semi Precious 6mm Stone Facet Lapis Lazuli
Sizing : Stretch Bracelet for Average Ladies Wrist Size Approx 7cm in Diameter
Element : 925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium Plating

Packaging : Branded Pouch

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