Saturne Necklace - Batucada

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Inspired by one of Europe's most creative periods in art and architecture, Batucada pieces have subtle, harmonious and delicate patterns. Your eyes can’t resist. Then, you want to touch them… Your fingers feel a soft light and versatile material which barely touches your skin. Batucada has its spell on you now… You want more… You wear them and experience something you’ve never felt before.

Like a tattoo on your skin, you forget it's there, but it's now part of you... Totally irresistible. Like rubber, but it's not.

All Batucada jewellery is produced from a proprietary blend of materials synthesized to create the feel of a soft & silky natural "gum".

Handcrafted pieces composed of 100% recyclable materials that are free of lead, oil, phthalates and other common pollutants. They even come in a signature package that is also made from 100% recycled paper!

Batucada radiates love for Brazil, land of the sublime where the worship of all things beautiful is submerged in sensuality. A lightness of breath sparks the urge to move, to dance, to live freely whilst celebrating respect for the environment.

A harmony between Brazilian seduction and the elegance of French Design.

Are you in another world?

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